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Staff Engagement



By now most organisations have invested some time and money into some form of top down “Staff Engagement” initiatives, which is a great start. However, only Line Managers can create a Place where everyone is involved in personal engaging conversations.

The statistics are stark….70% of people who leave organisations are leaving their line manager. So, despite all the rhetoric; improved company-wide communications; fruit bowls in the canteen; suggestion schemes by any other name, it is still the Line Manager that has the biggest influence on how energised and engaged their team is. They can’t make people engage, but they can create the environment by their conversations and actions where people choose to engage.

The Staff Engagement Programme provides all the resources your Organisation needs to make this happen. With online and/or handbook options, the format can be used by members of your leadership team identified as Engagement Leaders, so that they can they can pass it on to the whole leadership team.

What could this unique Resource Pack mean for your business?

Apart from having a direct and dramatic impact on productivity and the “bottom line” through increased team engagement, it provides significant general engagement benefits associated with reduced employee turnover, increased customer satisfaction, improved quality and safety.

Also, it’s content and design mean that it:

  • Has the potential to engage 100% of your line managers at relatively low cost.
  • Can be tailored to fit each organisational level.
  • Can be replicated by your team at no additional cost.
The Resource Pack

This is designed to ensure that, after some initial development and support, your Engagement Leaders have the knowledge, skills, experience and resources needed to facilitate local in-house workshops. The tools cover:

  • How to use 20 leadership engagement choices that make a difference.
  • How to increase personal and team energy.
  • How to have effective 1:1 engagement conversations that increase commitment, self-esteem, confidence and competence.
  • How to get started.

Plus an “Engaging Leadership” DVD with additional session stories and interviews.


This resource consists of all printed materials for facilitators and access to our online materials typically supported by four days in-company consultancy including one day’s results evaluation from a member of the Wadenhoe Team. However, individual organisational requirements and investment will vary according to work previously undertaken.

For more information or to arrange an initial discussion, please contact Ray on 01865 339558 or email the team at