Senior Team Facilitation


Senior Team Facilitation

Our business is about helping organisations to help themselves, so that they can increase productivity and achieve a long-term return on their investment. However, on occasions it helps to have some external coaching and support. This kind of senior team facilitation is an area where we have real expertise.

Early in our formation 25 years ago, we completed some in-depth research which led to the development and publication of The Wadenhoe Model®. This provides a framework for thinking through complex strategic challenges and developing totally integrated approach to addressing them.

What could this unique Resource Pack mean for your business?

Our use of The Wadenhoe Model as a framework for facilitation and thinking is demanding. It calls for intelligent data gathering, organising, processing and critiquing. Its strength is in its discipline and rigour and in prompting clients to make their assumptions explicit.

In our experience, this works best when the strategic challenges are complex, the people and ideas involved are diverse, the passion for resolution is high and the time to get it done was yesterday! Because a senior team that is working in this way is thinking creatively, we never know exactly what that will look like, but we do know what the outcomes will mean for your organisation:


• All of the issues that are most important will be raised and will be addressed by those team members most qualified and capable of getting something done on each of them.

• All of the important ideas, discussion, data, recommendations, conclusions, questions and plans for immediate action will be captured in one comprehensive document.

Overall, the stories and work plans woven around the Wadenhoe Model framework are more complex, more robust, more durable – and can move a great deal faster than the more traditional approach to strategy development.

A Summary Of The Model:

Behind its apparent simplicity are the “connection checks” across each of the lines which provide the rigorous questions needed to work through key challenges and future scenarios.

For example, in the context of our mission, one important question is always:

“Can these PEOPLE achieve the required performance in this PLACE?”

Here we are not just challenging the tangible factors like the physical environment but, more importantly, the intangible ones, for example:

“How will the predominant leadership style in the business effect people’s willingness and capability to perform?”

We are very conscious that in putting The Wadenhoe Model forward as a framework for facilitation, we are in danger of the "quart into a pint pot" problem. So, you might like to consider the words of some of our clients about our approach:

“It has a profound simplicity,” said one, and another, “It is penetrating and robust”.

But, said a third, “Beware of using only the basic platform elements and being seduced by their apparent lack of complication. There is danger of deluding oneself that a rigorous approach has been taken in using it only at this level”.


This resource consists of all printed and online materials. Your investment in our consultancy services will depend on the size and nature of the project involved.

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