Senior Team Coaching Case Study

Senior Team Coaching
Case Study Examples

We regularly help senior team members with specific issues on a one to one basis.

Engineering Director - Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Needs - Discomfort with some of the general "people management" aspects of the role that were showing through in staff morale ie. a functional specialist in a "general management" role.
  • Action - Building a Personal Development Plan based on Root Cause Analysis and changes required in Leadership Style. Ongoing feedback and discussion over a 6 month period. Practice in a "safe" simulated environment.
  • Results - Significant behaviour change and improved business performance.
Individual work with Four Owners/Partners of I.T. & Multi-media Business
  • Needs - Mutual dissatisfaction with team-working now that the new business "honeymoon" was over and growth/change was rapid.
  • Action - Several individual coaching sessions, focussing on personal behaviours/preferences and how they could be modified to achieve greater team "balance". Exploration of Leadership Style and how this needed to be modified with growth and change.
  • Results - Significantly improved team-working at Board level and corresponding improvement below that level, as a result of Role Modelling.
Managing Director - Medium-size Manufacturing Business
  • Needs - Confidential request by M.D. who was new in the role, where expectations as defined at the recruitment stage were very different from the reality in terms of strategy and resources.
  • Action - "Sounding Board" for options and strategy/style for communicating with senior management over a 2 month period. Practice in a "safe" simulated environment.
  • Results - Influenced a change in business direction and subsequently promotion into another role
Senior Accountant in Corporate HQ of Large Manufacturing Organisation
  • Needs - Following several years success he was having some difficulty communicating with his new boss, particularly about his career plan to move into an Operating Division of the business as a Financial Director.
  • Action - Counselling on reality of career aspirations and personal behaviours necessary to "manage" the issue with the new boss. Follow-up and feedback as discussions continued over a 4 month period.
  • Results - Establishment of a positive working relationship with the boss; several successful ad-hoc assignments outside of the Corporate Centre, which raised profile and led to promotion in a Division.