Our Resource Packs
Helping You to Help Yourselves

Many leadership development consultancies can provide tailored programmes (tweaked but essentially “off-the-shelf”) or established coaching frameworks or psychometric profiling, plus a host of other well known “tools & frameworks”. Whilst we can do all of that, with our 25+years experience, we know that there is a much better way. This is based on Helping You to Help Yourselves so you can create PLACES where PEOPLE can PERFORM.

So, we have developed a number of "stand alone" Resource Packs that YOUR TEAM can use to help themselves.

Our Resource Packs are as follows:

Senior Team Facilitation
Engaging Leadership
High Potential Rolescoping
Mood Meter® Survey
Engagement Strategy
Staff Engagement
Internal Consulting
Developing People

These Resource Packs are designed to ensure that, after some initial support from the Wadenhoe Team, your chosen facilitators have the knowledge, skills, experience and resources needed to achieve your target outcomes.

For more information, please contact Ray on 01865 339558 or email the team at hello@wadenhoeleadership.com.