Mood Meter® Survey


Mood Meter® Survey



By its very nature, any kind of survey is an "historic" document. The more people involved.....the longer it takes......more discussion and analysis before actions are taken all contribute to it becoming “history” and potentially trailing behind current reality and emergent trends.

From the examples we have seen, this is typically resulting in a three-month delay between data collection and the presentation of a report to the organisation. And that's before all the communications and action planning for improvement. By then the world has moved on either positively or negatively. Either way, it is not "in the moment"!

By contrast, our Mood Meter® Survey uses a stratified sampling technique to survey a cross-section of individuals, teams and departments. This divides target groups into important sub-categories and selects members according to the proportion that they occur in the organisational “population”.

What could this unique Resource Pack mean for your business?

This approach provides the data needed to prepare an immediate, bespoke report with detailed recommendations.

- It expresses the current mood.
- It is relevant and timely.
- It is actionable both tactically and strategically.
- It is measurable from a reliable base point.
- It can be repeated internally whenever required at no additional cost.

In summary, it is contemporary in every sense, with the potential to have a direct and dramatic impact on the “bottom line” through reduced employee turnover, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and improved quality and safety.

The Resource Pack

Although many organisations still prefer to use an independent external Engagement Survey, the contemporary solution for others is to implement an internal survey themselves on a much more regular basis. In response to this requirement we have developed a Mood Meter® Leader’s Pack, which enables identified leaders to manage the process, after some initial development and support from Wadenhoe.

The Pack includes:

  • An online questionnaire which can be tailored to specific organisational requirements.
  • Worksheets for creating a meaningful stratified sample, which reflects targets groups and important sub-categories in the work population.
  • Worksheets for analysing responses into clear Conclusions and Recommendations.
  • A framework for communication and rapid implementation of actions.

This resource consists of all printed and online materials typically supported by four days in-company consultancy including one day’s results evaluation from a member of the Wadenhoe Team. However, individual organisational requirements and investment will vary according to work previously undertaken.

For more information or to arrange an initial discussion, please contact Ray on 01865 339558 or email the team at