Meet The Team

So, here is our team whose sole focus is to work with you to create PLACES where PEOPLE can PERFORM:

Ray Atkinson

Ray is Founder and Managing Director of The Wadenhoe Centre for Contemporary Leadership. He has a broad range of experience in implementing policies, processes and programmes, across international businesses, focused on developing management and leadership talent for succession planning, growth and change. More recently, he has adapted these skills to small and medium-size businesses. Combining experience with three senior general management roles, brings a very practical, business-orientated approach to all of Ray's work. It has also enabled him to focus on contemporary challenges around speed and planning, which he insists “are not mutually exclusive”. His recent particular focus has been on “helping organisations to help themselves”.

Roger Barrett

Roger is a creative and experienced facilitator of learning and development by individuals and groups working in organisations - whether focused on organisational development or service delivery. He has a particular interest and knowledge of the complexity of human interaction and how this contributes to change, both within and between individuals, i.e. the politics of change in organisations.

Adrienne Dixon

Adrienne is a Core Associate of The Wadenhoe Centre for Contemporary Leadership. She has an impressive track record of designing, delivering and evaluating significant Culture Change and Leadership Development Programmes for over 30 leading organisations from a range of industry sectors. Her genuine communication and leadership skills complement her commercial instincts and have led to long-term success in building and maintaining strong client relationships and partnerships with every organisation she has worked with.

Laura Knill

Laura is a Core Associate of The Wadenhoe Centre for Contemporary Leadership. Her leadership; organisation and development experience includes projects with small, medium and large organisations across a range of sectors. These have involved major transformation programmes; post-merger programmes designed to help engage managers in the newly- merged company and smaller-scale programmes designed to engage staff in the need for change.

Another important part of her work has involved helping individuals to provide feedback to their managers about the changes they believe are necessary.

Christine Lithgow Smith

Christine is a Core Associate of The Wadenhoe Centre for Contemporary Leadership; a creative consultant and transformational leadership coach, who is passionate about Human-centred leadership. For over 20 years Christine was a commercial leader working in various industries, organisations and sectors. She brings a broad perspective, offers a wealth of real-life experience, and a down-to-earth, engaging approach, which is used to great effect in her Coaching and “Dramatic Change” team development collaboration work with Ray Atkinson.


For more information, please contact Ray on 01865 339558 or email the team at