Jaguar Land Rover – Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover
A Case Study in Engagement


1,500 managers attended this series of one-day workshops which focused on Energy and Engagement. In one highly interactive day, we combined the key elements of our experience of Change and Engagement, to provide managers who are at the forefront of leading change, with straightforward tools that could be applied immediately.

  • People choose or don't choose to engage!
  • No one is more important during a period of change than the immediate line manager. They are the single biggest influence on how energised and engaged people are in the change journey. It cannot be "performance managed" it must be earned through effective leadership.
  • Link to Strategy: Translating our understanding of the Jaguar Land Rover change strategy into clear engagement outcomes.
  • Real Time Solutions: Starting where managers were at, so that they left with clear solutions to their engagement challenges.
  • Energy & Engagement: Focusing first on Team Energies, so that managers had a clear understanding of what they needed to do to convert Corrosive, Comfortable and Resigned Energy into Productive Energy.
  • Brevity & Impact: Having "little and often" Engagement conversations that generate: Commitment, Confidence, Energy and Competence for Change
  • Engagement Pack: Enabling managers to pass on the learning with ease.
  • Immediate Measurable Impact: Completing a 90 day Engagement "Snapshot" for action.

Approximately 100 managers attended each day, so, as our workshops were designed for a maximum of 12 managers, we used 8 experienced Wadenhoe facilitators. This enabled us to provide the same, consistently high standard, with flexibility each day.

  • Excellent feedback on the day and from an immediate online survey afterwards.
  • Excellent feedback, across a range of personal and business measures, from a four-month follow-up survey.