Hope Construction Materials Case Study


Hope Construction Materials
A Case Study Combining Team & Strategy Development



This case study focuses on the programme that has been developed and delivered for Hope Construction Materials at Hope Works in Derbyshire. In a series of two-day highly interactive workshops, we used a "storyboard" approach to develop team strategy. Then build the team around it by making a film, set in the future, at the time when the strategic goals have been achieved.


It was important at the outset to recognise that the focus must be on two essential criteria for high-performing Team Engagement:

  • Generating an outcome that is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Delivering operational effectiveness (running the business) and change capability (transforming the business).
  1. Picturing the future
  2. Describing the current team situation
  3. Understanding the current team situation
  4. Planning "back from the future"
  5. Developing team processes for sustaining team commitment, energy, confidence and competence
  6. Capturing and communicating the message on film

All managers and staff have worked through this process in their teams. Each successive organisational layer of staff had the opportunity of discussing and agreeing its "mandate" from above, so there is a complete "story" from the original vision developed by the Senior Team, through to the activities in each department.

Everyone understands "what" is required and "why" it is required.

  • Excellent feedback on the day and from a survey immediately afterwards.
  • Dramatically improved business results - the Works is achieving its strategic goals a year earlier than was planned in the "story"!
  • Implementation at other Hope Construction Materials sites.