High Potential Rolescoping


High Potential Rolescoping



Potential is measurable and predictable. However, if we are looking for talent to handle complex challenges, past performance and experience is not an adequate guide. We need to know not just how people have behaved in the past, but how they will think and act in the future

The High Potential Rolescoping Programme provides a resource that enables organisations to identify people with the potential to handle the unpredictable levels of complexity required for future success in a dynamic business environment.

What could this unique Resource Pack mean for your business?

Apart from significantly reducing the cost of external recruitment, here are three more even more contemporary reasons to invest in this area:

  • Delivering Business Plans – You will have right leaders in the right place at the right time to take advantage of business opportunities before your competitors.
  • Company Reputation & Brand Value – You will be viewed positively by customers and other stakeholders.
  • Morale & Attracting/Retaining the Best People – Your leaders will trust the Organisation because they will see that their aspirations align with the business and their hopes stand a chance of being met.
The Resource Pack

Some people, however hard they work, find it hard to function well outside the areas that they know. They tend to rely on experience alone, rather than experience plus thought. Coupling a bigger job with the increasingly complex and uncertain world in which we work, requires us to answer the question: What can this person learn to do that they have never done or been asked to do before?

The Leader’s Resource Pack is designed to ensure that, after some initial development and support, one or more of your senior leadership team has the knowledge, skills, experience and resources to help you answer that question.

With online and/or handbook options it enables your Organisation to:

  • Recognise the difference between Complicated and Complex roles.
  • Scope the “size” and “shape” of existing and future senior roles.
  • Develop senior colleagues as associates in the process.
  • Design practical exercises for identifying high potential people.
  • Get started.

Plus a “High Potential Leadership” DVD with additional stories and interviews.


This resource consists of all printed materials for facilitators and access to our online materials supported typically by four days in-company consultancy including one day’s results evaluation from a member of the Wadenhoe Team. However, individual organisational requirements and investment will vary according to work previously undertaken.

For more information or to arrange an initial discussion, please contact Ray on 01865 339558 or email the team at hello@wadenhoeleadership.com.