Engaging Leadership



Engaging Leadership



All the research we have seen, including our own “Auditing Natural Learning” confirms that 80% of learning and development does not take place in a formal “training” environment. That is why we have designed the Engaging Leadership Package which can be facilitated by your own chosen leaders.

It enables your organisation to bring together groups of leaders to form a learning/development team that meets for eight half-day sessions over a one-year period. The approach leaves room to reflect and try out new things, while allowing space for creativity and innovation.

What could this unique Resource Pack mean for your business?

To avoid this being “pie-in-the-sky”, before starting the Programme we will work with your organisation to identify specific benefits and how they will be measured.

Apart from having a direct and dramatic impact on productivity and the “bottom line” through increased team engagement, other benefits measurable over time include:

  • Expanding organisational learning, development and networking.
  • Encouraging “natural” learning and problem solving.
  • Creating fresh team energy.
  • Developing a transformational leadership style that embraces change.
  • Reducing “off-the-job” training time.
  • Growing facilitators who can replicate their skills in new situations.
The Resource Pack

This is designed to ensure that, after some initial development and support, your chosen facilitators have the knowledge, skills, experience and resources needed to lead an Engaging Leadership group, including:

- Workshop Guides
- Agendas, exercises and handouts
- 20 Leadership Choices DVD
- Tips for Facilitators

Eight Integrated Workshops

The Engaging Leadership Pack is designed to help group members to create places where people can perform. It contains eight integrated workshops where they can learn new things, review progress and plan ahead. What differentiates the Wadenhoe Engaging Leadership Pack from others in this field is that it is designed to be flexible to the needs of individuals and particular groups, whilst providing a thorough foundation in core leadership capabilities.

The eight workshops are:

–       Why Engagement?
–       How do I bring value to my job?
–       How am I doing?
–       What’s it like around here?
–       How can I develop my working relationships?
–       How can I make the right leadership choices?
–       How can I maintain an authentic leadership style?
–       How can I maintain personal and team energy in the future?


This resource consists of all printed materials for facilitators and access to our online materials supported typically by four days in-company consultancy including one day’s results evaluation from a member of the Wadenhoe Team. However, individual organisational requirements and investment will vary according to work previously undertaken.

For more information or to arrange an initial discussion, please contact Ray on 01865 339558 or email the team at hello@wadenhoeleadership.com.