Case Studies

Before we undertake a project, we work with our clients to examine what the results of our involvement will generate.

Here are a few case studies that demonstrate where the Wadenhoe team has delivered real and measurable value.

Jaguar Land Rover

1,500 managers attended this series of one-day workshops which focused on Energy and Engagement. In one highly interactive day, we combined the key elements of our experience of Change and Engagement to provide managers with straightforward tools that could be applied immediately.

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Lafarge Cement

This was an on-going piece of work with Lafarge Cement UK that started that ran from 2003 to 2013. Working with managers who were seen as future potential senior leaders, the programme had three core objectives...

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European Credit Management

ECM had grown very fast over a seven-year period and needed a programme for finance specialists who had made the transition into leadership roles. The focus was on behaviours associated with personal effectiveness in a range of one-to-one and group situations.

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Hope Construction Materials

In a series of two-day highly interactive workshops, we used a "storyboard" approach to develop team strategy. Then build the team around it by making a film, set in the future, at the time when the strategic goals have been achieved.

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Senior Team Coaching

We regularly help senior team members with specific issues on a one to one basis e.g. "people management" aspects of their role that were showing through in staff morale.

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