Ray Atkinson, The Wadenhoe Centre for Contemporary Leadership

When leaders, whatever their level, go to work they have the opportunity to create a Place where their People can Perform. Perform, not because they have to but because they want to. That is what Wadenhoe Centre for Contemporary Leadership is all about.

The alarming statistic that 70% of people who leave organisations are leaving their immediate line manager, should be a wake-up call to us all. So, our Purpose is quite clear, it’s about helping organisations to create a culture and values where people choose to engage.

With the complex challenges presented in today’s workplace, it is rare for us to be able to rely on the way things have been done in the past. There is also a need to solve problems fast, which means spending less time on analysis and not waiting for a perfect solution. In summary, our work is about helping people and organisations to deal with their “in-the-moment” issues.

Couple this with all the research, including our own “Auditing Natural Learning”, which confirms that 80% of learning/development does not take place in a formal “training” environment, and we start to see a better way forward. So, just to be clear, our definition of Contemporary is not about the latest, fashionable, new-fangled or “with it” initiatives but dealing with the world as we find it, in a real-time organisational setting, with its increased focus on innovation and execution.

Alongside our “expert” senior team facilitation using The Wadenhoe Model® as a framework for top team thinking, we have developed a number of Resource Packs which, after some initial development and support from Wadenhoe, are designed to help organisations to help themselves in areas such as:

– Engaging Leadership Programmes
– High Potential Talent Identification
– Staff Engagement
– Strategy Development
– Attitude Surveys
– Performance/Development Reviews

Having been established for 25 years, we are very well placed to understand what Contemporary Leadership is and is not! You can be assured that our approach always:

– Clarifies the complex.
– Minimises time “off-the-job”.
– Maximises return on investment.
– Ensures replication in future “new” situations.

Please see our Resource Packs.

For more information, please contact Ray on 01865 339558 or email the team at hello@wadenhoeleadership.com.