Contemporary Thinking on Staff Engagement


More Means No Better?

- The engagement survey is complete.
- Working parties are set up to address shortcomings.
- Communication initiatives are underway.
- Line managers are trained in engagement “techniques”
- Culture change is being talked about more-and-more.

But all of this is often resulting in marginal change at best!

Maximum Engagement Impact

Each of these “initiatives” are good but alone they cannot work. From our research and experience we are clear that the three key areas that ensure success fast are:

Leadership role models: who by their day-to-day actions create an engaging Place to work. Over the last few years we have built up market leading experience in the Engagement field, which has helped large and small organisations to really make a step change. But we’re always looking to develop “of the moment” approaches, and the latest of these based on large-scale research we’ve called: “Leadership Engagement Choices”.

Line managers: who create a Place where everyone is involved in personal engaging conversations. The statistics are stark….70% of people who leave organisations are leaving their line manager. So, despite all the rhetoric; improved company-wide communications; fruit bowls in the canteen; suggestion schemes by any other name, it is still an employee’s immediate Line Manager that has the biggest influence on how energised and engaged their team is. They can’t make people engage, but they can create the environment by their conversations and actions where people choose to engage.

Senior Management: who create an engaging Place by balancing “top down” with “bottom up” engagement strategies. A culture of engagement surveys, communication and training is not the same as an engagement culture. Yes, there must always be a drive from the senior team to “cascade” engagement initiatives, but this needs to be complemented with significant “bottom-up” activity. As specialists in this field, we understand the key elements of an integrated engagement strategy and how they complement each other.

We have developed a Staff Engagement Resource Pack which will help in enabling your organisation to address these challenges.

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