Contemporary Thinking on Engagement Strategy Development

The word Strategy implies some longer-term set of aims and objectives, built around values and culture. Often very complex and time-consuming with challenging communication issues along the way. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Our "Back From The Future" approach is built around the principle that starting with a picture of the future desired state is much more engaging than getting bogged down with all of the current issues which are preventing effective Engagement. In other words, working towards the future is much more exciting and fulfilling than working away from the present. It is also a framework that translates easily at any level in the Organisation, enabling the total participation that creates effective all ways communication.

The Benefits are:

- Time wise it doesn't suffer from the same agonising slowness generally associated with traditional methods.

- Communication is straightforward because everyone has participated in the planning and implementation from the start.

- Key performance measures are agreed and understood, so corrective action can be taken quickly where required.

We have developed an Engagement Strategy Resource Pack which will help in enabling your organisation to address these challenges:

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