Contemporary Thinking on Engagement Surveys

By it's very nature, any kind of survey is an "historic" document. The more people involved.....the longer it takes......more discussion and analysis before actions are taken all contribute to it becoming “history” and potentially trailing behind current reality and emergent trends.

From the examples we have seen, this is typically resulting in a three-month delay between data collection and the presentation of a report to the Organisation. And that's before all the communications and action planning for improvement. By then the world has moved on either positively or negatively. Either way, it is not "in the moment"!

By contrast, our Engagement Survey, which we've called "The Mood Meter®" uses a stratified sampling technique to survey a cross-section of individuals, teams and departments. This divides target groups into important sub-categories and selects members according to the proportion that they occur in the organisational “population”.

This approach enables us to present an immediate bespoke report with detailed recommendations. So, it is contemporary in every sense, with the following significant benefits:

- It expresses the current mood.

- It is relevant and timely.

- It is actionable both tactically and strategically.

- It is measurable from a reliable base point.

We have developed a Mood Meter® Resource Pack which will help in enabling your organisation to address these challenges:

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