Contemporary Thinking on Line Managers Developing Their People

Coaching is a much-abused and misunderstood word. In a contemporary organisational setting, helping people to grow and develop involves line managers using a much broader range of roles than is acknowledged on many conventional coaching programmes. There is more than just one “coaching model” based on asking open questions, active listening and drawing out solutions!

It starts with their capability to shift the energy and focus for personal development:

  • From low to high priority
  • From reactive to Proactive
  • From learning led to Performance led
  • From painful to pleasurable
  • From good enough to getting it right

Yes, sometimes it is about the traditional “coaching” approach. However, to address “in-the-moment” often unique challenges, managers need to “flex” their role as Developer by adopting very different approaches including: Structuring, Exposing, Confronting, Modelling, Exposing, Building, Advising, Testing and Sharing.

We have developed a Developing People Resource Pack that enables Line Managers to:

  • Make personal development operationally effective.
  • Energise and engage their people in personal development.
  • Build natural enablers for personal development.
  • Capitalise on personal development for addressing new challenges.

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