Contemporary Engagement Challenges

“Leaders can’t make people engage, but they can create an environment by their conversations and actions, where people choose or don’t choose to engage”. Ray Atkinson, June 2013

Creating Places Where People Can Perform

In today’s constantly evolving organisations, the pace of change is faster than ever and the focus on performance is greater than ever. Strategies however well defined, need to be underpinned by shorter-term tactical and operational decisions made by people who are energised and engaged with their organisation and its customers.

This can’t happen in situations where they are constrained by bureaucracy; constantly changing expectations; unnecessarily complicated reporting lines; unclear boundaries; fear of making a mistake; lack of competence or just plain poor motivation. In these circumstances the message for line managers is clear: They are the single biggest influence on how energised and engaged their team is. Yet, the contemporary reality is often very different

Take Two Conversations!

In conversations with organisations that have gone through major change programmes, the outcomes are often described by senior executives as having been successfully executed! They say that there has been some resistance at lower levels and managers have left who were “unable to hack it”. But the organisations have become “fitter and stronger as a result of reorganisation”. Yet, these quotes from two so-called “survivors of change” tell a different story:

“A very significant change in my job......and another review with more change to come. I’ve been trying to put it into practice, but I still find it very difficult.....we’re pawns in the game plan.....foot soldiers in the army......It’s horrible, but you have to stick it out and see what happens. I’m not optimistic.....there’s not a lot you can do”

“My anger has subsided. It’s been replaced by discontent and anxiety. I’ve adjusted my life style – less hours, and no Sunday work. My family is now decidedly first, the Company second (it was the other way around). The Company has lost my total confidence, devotion, loyalty and trust.....I’m now wary”.

These are the people who are fundamental to delivering the future hopes, dreams and aspirations of the organisation! Yet it appears that, despite trying hard to make the change, they are losing energy and, like an army on the losing side, feeling tired and demoralised.

We have developed two Resource Packs which will help in enabling your organisation to address these challenges:

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